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Oh, the glow! Skincare products that changed my life and why I think you'll love them too.

First off, let me start by saying skincare is probably one of my favorite things to talk about. It took me years to figure out what worked for me, and I am beyond excited to pass along these product recommendations. I have acne-prone skin and it took such a long time to figure out how to balance keeping my skin hydrated without triggering it with ingredients that could harm it. I hope you benefit from them the same way I do! I want to note that I do get light botox in my forehead and crows feet and have lip filler and I'm sharing that in the spirit of transparency, haha! Everything else is just good skincare and lots of water/whole and healthy foods (I do indulge on sweets sometimes but focus on refraining on refined sugars as much as possible! It helped clear my skin so much and also just made me feel better!

Here we go!

I'll first go into the brand Environ because those products are a crucial part of my morning and night routine. I'm on AVST Level 1 which is the standard when first introducing your skin to Vitamin A. I started mid-November and plan to move on to Level 2 next month! It took almost two months to get my skin adjusted to it but after it did I felt like a beam of sunshine was always on my face. I'm talking that coveted dewy look but not oily in the slightest. It does come at a higher price point than most and I was skeptical of how my skin would respond to it... but... let's just say she loves it. Below are the Environ products I use in order morning and night.

1: Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil - I use this morning and night to prep my skin for cleansing but I also use it as my makeup remover.

2: Mild Cleansing Lotion - This is my cleanser. It is SO gentle and truly cleanses my skin without irritating it.

3: Moisturising Toner - I am in love with this toner. It is also incredibly gentle and soothing to my skin. Just use a cotton round with it and you're good to go.

4: Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser 1 - Just two pumps of this over face and neck and you're good to go. It feels incredible and is beyond light on your skin.


1: iS CLINICAL Active Serum - I use this as an occasional spot treatment and I use it in between steps three and four of the Environ routine on those days!

2: EltaMD UV CLEAR BROAD-SPECTRUM SPF 46- I use this as the final step of both my morning and night routine. It's important to note that you should use facial sunscreen even when you stay indoors!

3: Kiehl's Avocado Eye Cream- I use this morning and night and it is a GAME CHANGER for my eyes on a day to day basis.


1: Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment- I use this as a spot treatment and I am absolutely obsessed with how well it works! Also, it works FAST.

2: 100% Pure Bright Eyes Mask- I use these about once a week and they rejuvenate my eyes so well!

3: Summer Fridays Overtime Mask- I do this mask once a week, typically on Sunday evening! It feels so gentle and my skin feels SO fresh after.

4: Tree Tree Skin Clearing Body Wash by The Body Shop- I use this whenever I get any bumps on my sports bra area due to sweat! It honestly started working for me within the first two days!

I'm going to link these here for you through liketoknowit and will share them directly below this post. Environ is typically not sold at online retailers but I purchase mine directly through Glow Bar which is where I get my facials. They are normally sold at independent retailers so if you can't find them online I'd try your local spa/esthetician. Everything else is below! Let me know how they work for you or if I can help in any way!

Talk soon!

Your friend,


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