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Reorganizing my NYC kitchen with Bed Bath & Beyond

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

If you live in NYC, you KNOW how to work with small spaces. I have had to learn to utilize and make the most of my space here, and Bed Bath & Beyond was here to help! I started in on my kitchen, focusing on the pantry and fridge. Below I am going to list the products I used as well as show how they work in my space!

First, I started on my pantry. Using OXO containers really helped utilize the narrow space and it was so crazy to see how much fit in there once it was organized in the containers.


1:OXO Good Grips® POP 10-Piece Food Storage Container Set

2:Rubbermaid 4-Piece Brilliance Dry Storage Set

3:InterDesign® Forma™ Cabinet Binz™ Metal Bin

NOW, on to the fridge! This one was super fun to do. I organized produce, meat, and snacks! It is so awesome to see how clutter-free it is now!


1: InterDesign® Fridge Binz™ 8-Inch x 15-Inch Stackable Clear Plastic Bin

2: iDesign® Fridge Binz™ Soda Plus Holder

3: InterDesign® Fridge Binz™ Egg Bin

4: iDesign® Fridge Binz™ 12-Inch x 15-Inch Divided Deep Tray

5: iDesign® Fridge Binz™ Plastic Stackable Box

I hope you loved this little reorganization post! All products can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond and are absolutely amazing! Thanks for tuning in!



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