Why "The Mrs. Ball"?

For those of you who have been around for a while, you know that Williams Party of Four was my first blog. I originally started it with my three sisters, who, you guessed it, share my maiden name of Williams. I loved the idea of sharing a space together but with us all living completely different lives it became more of a burden than fun. So when it came time to rebrand, for obvious reasons I could not continue with Williams Party of Four. (Sisters, if you are reading this, I STILL LOVE YOU!)

When I was first dreaming up this website, I really wanted a name that I could not only brand but also grow into over the years to come. I loved the idea of Mrs. Ball because hello, that's my name, but as I was asking Nick what he thought, he gave me an even brighter idea which completely shaped the process to come. He said to me, "No, name it The Mrs Ball." Nick used to write me these letters where he would tell me how he couldn't wait to marry me so that he could change my name to THE Mrs. Ball. I remember thinking how silly that was but also how awesome it was that he was so proud to call me his.

To dig a little deeper into that, Nick is seriously my go-to guy when it comes to pushing me. If I'm starting to feel like I'm ready to give up he's always right there to tell me I can do it. I look up to him more than I could ever put into words but he truly inspires me daily to be better. When I hear Nick Ball, I think "strength", "leader", and "team-player". I also think "too many video games", "leaves clothes everywhere", and "Vans hoarder" but he's not perfect all the time. Ha! Off topic so back to the point. When Nick and I got married, I was so pumped to carry his last name. Being around him, wearing his last name, becoming The Mrs. Ball, has made me recognize my own strength, my own capabilities, my own identity. It has made me see the woman I am becoming.

YES, I am a mother. YES, I am the wife of a soldier. Those are absolutely and whole-heartedly part of my identity. With that said, they are not all that I am. Before Nick, before James, I was still Brittany. I was still a young woman, trying to understand her purpose and her goals and why I constantly felt pulled in a million different directions with no end in sight. I have always loved helping others, being able to relate to them, helping them find their own strengths, but for a long time didn't understand how I could translate that to a platform.

Now, here I am, still figuring out this world, still finding my voice in this chaos we call life, still finding my truths in marriage and motherhood. But every day that passes, I start to understand my purpose in life a little more. I hope that as I journey through this life I can be there for you all too and rally together through the craziness.

Until next time,


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