My Real New Year's Resolutions

I've been reflecting a lot lately about this past year, and boy has it really got me excited. All in one year, I had a baby, got married, and completely uprooted my life to move to Hawaii. Sounds crazy awesome, right? That would be an understatement. However, with that craziness brought so much pressure, overwhelm, and distraction. There have been so many days and times where I felt like I blinked and the day was over, I blinked and James hit another milestone, or I couldn't remember the last time I had an actual date with my husband. There were days where I felt like I just didn't measure up, couldn't do it all, and was ready to crack. That was until I realized that I needed to write down the list of things I actually wanted to do rather than get frustrated with myself for feeling like I couldn't get a grip. With the new year coming fast, I decided to write down my resolutions for you all to see, hopefully apply to your own day to day, and to hold myself accountable to making this new year even better than the last.

1. Be present.

That's so easy to say, but sometimes really hard to do. Have you ever been sitting in a room with friends or family and have been completely distracted whether by some kind of device or even your own thoughts? If your answer is yes, I'm here to tell you that I've been there too. There have been times where someone would have to say, "Ya in there, Britt?" I was so distracted by whatever was going through my head that I missed conversations, little moments, and sometimes even big ones. So when I started writing down this list, I couldn't help but think of being truly present. Whether you are in a crowded room, or having a face-to-face conversation, be there. Be present.

2. Shut myself off.

This is huge for me. Working from home means I am always feeling the need to be online. I am constantly checking emails, trying get ahead of my work schedule, or trying to snag a little time to write when James isn't crawling all over me. Yet, the work day ends and my husband comes home to me still on my computer, on my phone, and totally online. This year I am going to try harder than ever to set a time each day to completely turn myself offline, and focus more on my family and my home-front.

3. Give back.

I grew up with a family of servant hearts. What I mean when I say that is every one of them has the desire to serve others. I have always loved that about my parents and all the years that they had us packing up meals to give to families during the holidays. What I didn't realize is how defining those years were. I didn't see that they would shape the way I would live my own life and how I would raise my children. Yet, here I am, with this yearning in my heart to be an example to my own growing family of what it means to truly serve others. Sure, giving money to charities is great, and it is an amazing thing to do, but this year I will scratch beneath the surface, dig deeper, and put myself out there. I will join an organization that will allow me to be the hands and feet of Jesus. I will set an example for my loved ones of how it feels to have less sense of self, and more giving to others.

4. Do nice things for my husband.

This one feels a little strange to write but it's a huge one for me. I remember when Nick and I first started dating and we were constantly doing nice things for each other. Flowers sent to my house, pizzas sent during big test weeks, I could keep going. Yet, once real life started creeping in, those gestures sort of crept out too. Don't get me wrong, do we still do nice things for each other? The answer is yes. We do our parts in our family and we keep our wheel turning- but that's not what this resolution is about. This year I will make it a point to go out of my way to do something kind for my husband. Once a week, and at random, I will leave little notes, bake his favorite treats, set up a surprise date night, you name it. This year I want to remind my partner that even though our lives are hectic and nonstop, there is always time to be reminded of how appreciated he is.

5. Spend more time with Jesus.

I feel like this one should have gone first, but it's kind of cool that it is the last one because without Him being the foundation of my life, none of the above would even be possible. I am so grateful for this life and that He so carefully paved it for me, but I don't spend enough time thanking Him for it. I don't spend nearly enough time trusting His plan, and I am always trying to jump ahead rather than living in the moment. This year I am going to make it a point to stop and spend more time in devotion, more time in prayer, more time in gratitude, and more time with Jesus.

Until next time,


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