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How I Spent my family vacation at an all Inclusive resort

As you know, we took our first big trip in over a year back in August. We chose to visit The Excellence Collection's all-ages luxury resort in Mexico, Finest Playa Mujeres, and I wanted to take a moment to recap some of my favorite moments at the property. It's all-inclusive so when you set your bags down, you truly don't need to lift a finger the rest of your stay. It was a lovely week and I truthfully couldn't even recap every single incredible memory, but I'll do my best to share the highlights. Let's get into it!

To start, we flew from NYC straight into Cancun and were greeted by their car service to take us to the property. I loved that The Excellence Collection is currently offering free airport transfers when you book directly on their website, therefore, once we landed we were truly on "Vacay time." Upon arrival, we were welcomed at the front with champagne and a little orange juice for James; we were then whisked away to check in at a private lounge reserved for those who choose to stay at the Finest club or Excellence Club level suites. After getting that out of the way, we were given a lovely tour of the property and shown the various activities, restaurants, etc. Hint- it's A LOT.

Finest Playa Mujeres is actually one of the top luxury all-inclusive resorts in Cancun Mexico for families, and I mean it when I say there was something for everyone. There are 11 à la carte international restaurants, as well as a buffet restaurant, a food truck, and even a beach snack grill. ALL included in your stay. The food and options were absolutely incredible and I loved getting to just roam around and snack all day. ;) There are also 16 bars throughout the property as well, and there is a highly trained staff always ready to assist when needed. Not to mention a fully-stocked snack and mini bar with premium liquor in your room, so there's always a treat for you when ya need it!

Next I want to talk about the Imagine Kids Club. To be honest this was one of the biggest home runs for me and I think every family should know about it. They had these amazing water slides, activities for the kids, playgrounds, rock climbing walls, and so many other ways to entertain the little ones. This included the option to drop off your child for a designated time if you wanted a moment to yourself as well. I thought this was such a thoughtful way for us all to get a quiet moment while James played with other children under the supervision of an amazing staff. Not kidding, the Kids Club staff blew me away with their professionalism and attention to detail with everything. James loved it so much that he asked us constantly when he could go see his friends again!

Another note to mention are the suite options. All of them are amazing but each have special and distinct things about them to fit your needs. The suites are broken down into three categories- SUITES, FINEST CLUB SUITES, AND EXCELLENCE CLUB SUITES. Some have private pools, private balconies, plunge pools, and many other options to include ocean view, pool view, etc. You really can have it all here and you can choose based on your special or family needs, which I loved. The Finest Club and Excellence Club suites both offer upgraded amenities, preferred locations and members-only access to designated areas within the property. The Finest Club level caters to families while the Excellence Club suites are for adults only, allowing kids, families and adults to have their own spaces and services.

Activities are something else I should get into while we are here! Not only are there ten pools, there are about a million other things to do during your stay as well. Water polo, tennis, golf, biking, aerobics, yoga, gym, spa, salon, shopping, you name it and it's here. They also offer additional private excursions you can book at the property, to include deep sea fishing, scuba diving, etc. Let's just say we never had to wonder what we were going to do, but we DID have to figure out how to narrow it down.

Our stay at Finest Playa Mujeres was one of those weeks I can't even describe in one word. It wasn't just the property or the splendor of it all either. There is something so uniquely special about it that you can only experience by witnessing it first hand. Sun-kissed faces laughing at lunch overlooking the ocean, laughter from my son as he braved a water slide for us to see, the slowness that followed by a salty breeze on your way back from the pool. It just felt so sweet.

Our week visiting was one I will carry with me for years to come. I can still feel the warmth of the sun on me as we laid in our cabana laughing about James making sand castles. If you want to experience a vacation that actually feels like a time to relax, Finest Playa Mujeres is a one stop shop. I know you'll love it as much as we did.

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