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My Top & on Repeat NYC Food Spots

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Today I'm sharing my favorite places to eat in my favorite city in the world! These restaurants are my repeat favorites and I know you'll love them too! If you go please tag me in your posts and photos so I can see how much you love them too! :)

1: Sarabeth's.

I LOVE their brunch. It's such an iconic but quaint little spot, and they have two locations. If you're going on a weekend for brunch I'd recommend the Upper East Side location rather than Central Park because the latter is always swamped on the weekends. My recommendation is the farm fresh eggs with a fresh croissant. Seriously, amazing. They also have an incredible eggs benedict with crab that my sister orders every single time... not even joking! The last time I went I ordered James the greek yogurt with fresh granola and honey which he just loved. So... I guess that's his recommendation! :)

2: Alice's Tea Cup.

I have NEVER, and I mean NEVER, loved a little spot more in my life. This place from start to finish was just absolutely incredible. It's a little pricey, but genuinely worth every single penny. They have three locations in the city, labeled chapters one, two, and three, and we ate at chapter two in the Upper East Side. It is completely kid friendly even though they serve their tea on china, and they bring little plastic cups and plates for your little ones. OH, and they give your kids fairy wings upon entering and sprinkle fairy dust on them so YEA it's a major win! We did the Mad Hatter which was incredible, and you get so much food and amazing tea! This place is 100% a MUST go in the city!

3: Mercer Kitchen.

This restaurant is in SOHO and is definitely an incredible menu. They have an upstairs and downstairs that are equally incredible. They do have a small kid's menu that isn't listed online but is definitely available! James just had chicken nuggets and fries and it was great! The vibe is a little more business casual/date night in my opinion but we stopped by for lunch and it was lovely!

4: Butcher's Daughter.

HOLY MOLY. This place is amazing. There are several locations but I like to hit up the one in Chelsea. It's a plant-based spot with a limited menu but all the choices are incredible. They do have brunch but we have gone for lunch! I recommend the grilled cheese with bean bacon and avocado. SO yummy! It was also the first place I ever had a chai latte (with almond milk) and they seriously set the bar high for them! Keep in mind the venue is a tight space so if you have a large party I'd maybe call ahead! Otherwise definitely make it a stop on your list! The aesthetic is also so cute.. and we all love a good aesthetic!

5: Eataly.

I LOVE THIS PLACE. They have two locations in NYC. One in Flatiron and one downtown. I personally prefer the one downtown but the one in Flatiron has an amazing rooftop space that they go all out on! The pasta is unreal and I literally leave every single time with fresh petit fours. You can't miss out on them! Definitely get the box of assorted minis! A box of sixteen is around $30 which is such a steal because they are out of this world!

6: Laduree.

Last but not least, my FAVORITE bakery in the whole wide world. Go to the Soho location, sit on the garden terrace, and enjoy white coffee with fresh pastries and macaroons. Every time I'm in town I go to the Soho location at least four times because it's just that amazing! There is a location on Madison but it's very small so I'd suggest Soho. They have four separate rooms so there is ample seating. I'd recommend calling ahead and making a reservation if you plan to go during a busy time of day.

That's all for now! I truly hope you enjoy these spots as much as I do.

Enjoy NYC!


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